Shortlisted for the John Creasey (New Blood) Dagger Awards

Shortlisted for the CWA John
Creasey (New Blood)
Dagger Award

‘A splendid read…handled with great skill…[Bolton] paints a portrait of the period with a confidence usually reserved for old survivors.’

The Times

'[A] laser-sharp noir thriller…. vividly evokes a vanished era while delivering a tale as mesmerising as any of the great movies of his chosen period.’

Financial Times

An astonishingly accomplished debut.

The Daily Mail

Brilliantly atmospheric and compelling.’

The Mail On Sunday

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The Pictures

Shortlisted for Telegraph Harvill Secker
Crime Writing Competition


 “Blond beauty butchered in Hollywood.”

More fuel for the tabloids.

If a studio needs something hushed up, then Detective Craine from the LAPD is the man they turn to. Craine has spent his career covering up the crimes and misdemeanors of the studio players and stars. But now he wants out. Just too much has happened and all he has left are the memories of his dead wife, and a young son to bring up on his own.

But then Craine’s services are called on one last time, and what appears to be a straightforward case turns out to be anything but when connections are made between a producer’s suspicious death and a brutal murder across town.

Soon Craine finds himself in a situation that threatens not just himself, but the lives of everyone he has ever loved.

The Pictures is an unforgettable debut set within the dark recesses of 1930s Hollywood.